Product Liability Basics

What Caused Michael Jackson's Sudde...

Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" died on June 25, 2009 at age 50. His death was sudden and unexpected, leaving many grieving fans wondering what happened. How did h.... Read more

You Found a What in Your Food?!

Many of us read food labels to what's in the food we're buying and eating. Two recent incidents show how sometimes we find something unexpected in our food. Of T.... Read more

Product Defect or Recall: What’s th...

In any toy store, you’ll see bulletin boards filled with black-and-white flyers. They say “PRODUCT RECALL” in large bold type, warning customers to return a toy, crib.... Read more

Product Liability Basics

E-Cigarettes in Legal Limbo

Smokers know that they can’t light up in most public places. Kids know that they cannot purchase cigarettes if they are under 18. Cigarette manufacturers understand that there are restrictions on how ... Read more

The True Costs of Defective Metal on Metal Hips

With news about the risks of metal-on-metal hip replacement and resurfacing implants1 and the complications experienced by metal-on-metal hip implant patients,2 another question looms: How much does a... Read more

Symptoms of Defective Metal on Metal Hips

For those patients who have trouble walking or experience major hip problems, total hip replacement or hip resurfacing surgeries are a treatment of last resort. However, since 1960, plastic, ceramic a... Read more

What Is Hip Revision Surgery?

Hip replacement surgery using metal-on-metal implants is very common. While more than 285,000 total hip replacement surgeries are performed annually in the United States,1 it is reported that about 10... Read more

Who Should Not Get Metal on Metal Hips?

Metal-on-metal hip failure is more likely for some patients than others. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), doctors should avoid using metal-on-metal hip implants entirely with ... Read more

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